Airbnb Scam

Airbnb Scam

Airbnb Scam

Let’s leave all the hosting and booking aside and get into some real issues of Airbnb, which are Airbnb Scam. As Airbnb is growing year by year, so are the number of listings that it has been tagging along with itself.  In this wide selection of listing, there are potential scammers that join the Airbnb name in order to scam people and loot them of there hard-earned money.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from a potential Airbnb scam. Or you may get scammed just like

I discovered just how easy it is for users of the short-term rental platform to get exploited.

Allie Conti, Vice

Airbnb Scam

Airbnb Scam: How to Recognize one

The following steps will help you to avoid any potential Airbnb scams and how can you deal with it.

Careful or you may get Scammed

Make sure the Website is the real Scammers usually attract the customers by creating a replica of the same website, exact ditto. The only way to tell the difference is by reading the URL. Fake webpages have added link address behind. So if you spot one. Block that website forever.

Check if the listing is pre-verified. Airbnb has taken the initialized of re-verification of all the properties under it. This means a clear cut throat verification process will deliver Pre-vetted homes. Meaning these Pre-vetted properties can be trusted as they all fulfill the Airbnb standards. It might be a Fake Listing.

Of course, pre-vetted homes are reliable., but every home is kind of pre-vetted. So the next thing that you need to focus is checking out the details about the listing. Make sure the listing isn’t too good to be true. As this may be fake. Check the price and all the amenities that it has to offer, do a reverse google search about the property to see if it’s legit and if it isn’t. Boom!! You got your self saved from being ripped off.


Okay, Property is legit, but what about the host? Is the host real or is he a Scammer. You need to make sure that your host is the real owner of the house. How to do that, check the host profile, Airbnb requires the host to upload all government documents and contact proofs. make sure the hose showcases these in their Profile.  In case its a Superhost, you need not worry at all, as for fulfilling that requirement the host must be legit in all circumstances of Airbnb.

If the host is trying to communicate with you and trying to pursue booking to the rental site from outside of Airbnb. Also if he tries to have the conversation anywhere else than Airbnb, be safe as Airbnb frequently checks on the conversations to ensure the deal goes full legit. The scammer may try to talk with you over messenger or any other 3-rd party app. Do not indulge yourself in these kinds of suspicious conversations.

NEVER EVER pay the payment over cash. always pay through the Airbnb Website. A real host won’t encourage the mode of cash as payment since the amount paid through Airbnb does directly goes into the Host account. So there is no point in paying the money as Cash. Also if you pay cash and get scammed. there is no way to refund that amount back to your account.

Airbnb Scam: What to do if you got Scammed

Rental Scam

If you followed these rules and even after that you got scammed then you can always raise a complaint to Airbnb for claiming a refund and reporting the fake scammer from Airbnb and also you can take legal actions against the scammer.  Airbnb provides 24*7 support and also assures you rebooking assistance in case of any such misfortune occurs.

An Airbnb Scam only works if the guest or the potential target is not sound enough with their money. SO be aware and be careful whenever you are dealing with an unknown person.

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