Airbnb Safety Items List

airbnb safety items list

When you are an Airbnb host, and you want a great guest experience, then you have to be prepared for everything. Having the right Airbnb Safety Items List can be really useful and help you out in emergencies. You obviously must be aware of the things that are basic, but extra safety items should also be present. We have created a list to keep you safe and sound from any types of potential trouble that you may face if an unseeing event if ever takes place. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is protective clothinghelmetsgoggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.


Airbnb safety items list


This can make everything seem worthwhile. Not only does it bring out an aligned stay for your guests but also saves embarrassment in certain situations if any guest is facing some issue. So why not fix it beforehand and save all the trouble? Your safety items list will comprise of some very useful but cared for items that will help people obey the Airbnb rule set as well. 

21 Things in Your Airbnb safety items List

Essential safety items for your Airbnb safety items list are: 

  1. Simple carbon monoxide detector 
  2. Smoke alarm
  3. Combination smoke detector
  4. Fire extinguisher 
  5. First aid kit
  6. Nonslip bathing mat
  7. Extra television remotes 
  8. A good working HD TV
  9. WIFI router ( in good condition)
  10. Coffee 
  11. Small handy coffee maker
  12. Phone chargers and cables
  13. Travelling flashlight 
  14. Travelling alarm 
  15. A straightener 
  16. A blow dryer
  17. Printer (small and handy)
  18. Night lights 
  19. Bathing products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.)
  20. Disposable toothbrushes and pastes
  21. Bed linens 

These all are very simple and necessary items for an Airbnb safety items list. Every single thing mentioned here is for all types of categories of items that are required by male or female guests. You can easily get a pocket, friendly items. You will not need to go overboard with this and get branded expensive items.

Get drug store products for your Airbnb service to not dissatisfy your guests and give them a good time around. All these items should be written down in a listed form and then checked marked when everything is in motion and prepared for you to provide to your clients. airbnb safety items list

Airbnb Safety Items List: Advantages of these items 

  • You are protecting your Airbnb investments 
  • Safeguarding issues for your guests 
  • Bringing more respect to your Airbnb service
  • Providing a great experience to the guests
  • All precautions will be taken care of
  • Everything will be covered under Airbnb insurance policy so you will not have to worry about costs. 
  • These products will run for a long time and bring out the best reservations. 
  • Guests will be enthusiastic about visiting again
  • More business more services provided  


Now here is a list of best Airbnb safety items and what exactly to get off every single category. Through this list, you can achieve a lot of goals for your Airbnb service. Shocking right? That a simple safety item list can benefit so much?

We do hope you have gone through the above list and made sure everything is clear in your head.

For your assurance you can see the advantages listed out and see for yourself how this simple items list and its evaluation can lead to a flourishing business and get you a good profit by raising more reservations because as the word gets out people get aware about how a certain Airbnb service is so cautious and helpful about everything. So get this list going and also implement it. 


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