Airbnb Protection for Guests

Airbnb Protection for Guests

Airbnb Protection for Guests

The air hosting industry has grown a lot in the past decade. Today, millions of people are hosting and staying at Airbnb lodges every day. A lot of people are still indecisive about the idea of staying with strangers. A question most frequently is asked is about the safety of the experience and what Airbnb does to protect its guests. Here is why Airbnb Protection for guests policy comes up.

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When you are traveling, accidents can happen. There can be damage or loss of valuables. Incidents may arise where your safety is at risk. These and other such concerns keep travelers even more worried when planning to use Airbnb.

Therefore, the most common question asked on the Airbnb forum is:

“Airbnb offers 1M$ guarantee for the host’s property, what does it do to protect travelers and their belonging?”

While Airbnb does not offer protection as good as traveler’s insurance, it has certain requirements and guidelines to make sure the guests have a secure experience.


Host Protection Insurance
All Airbnb hosts have the protection of liability insurance of up to $1 million USD to protect against third party claims for personal injury or property damage.
Protection against the unexpected
In the rare event that something doesn’t go as planned and someone files a lawsuit or claim against a host for bodily injury or property damage, hosts have access to Host Protection Insurance.

Airbnb Protection for Guests: AIRBNB GUEST PROTECTION


Airbnb Protection for Guests

  1. Secure Communication:

The guests are advised to communicate with hosts only through the medium of Airbnb. To provide a secure platform, Airbnb uses high-security measures that provide layers of protection to the guests and the hosts.

  1. Protecting your Money Transfers:

Airbnb allows guests to make payments through Airbnb only. It holds the payment made by a guest for 24 hours after check-in. Then it transfers the money to the host. This gives guests ample time to report any complaints about the lodging or the service.

  1. Guidelines for Guests:

Airbnb strongly advises guests to take a detailed look at the host’s information available on the website. They are also suggested to take a look at the social media accounts of the host, this helps to know that the information shared by the host about themselves is not wrong.

  1. Refund Policy for Airbnb Protection for Guests:

Airbnb facilitates its guests by refunding their money if they are not satisfied by the condition of their Airbnb lodgings. The refund is made under the following conditions:

  1. The host is unable to provide access to the said listing.
  2. The listing is not what was promised in terms of the number of rooms, and location.
  3. The listing does not provide the amenities that were promised.
  4. The listing was unclean or had animals that were not mentioned at the time of the booking.
  1. Risk  Scoring:

All reservations are screened to identify any suspicious factors. In case a risk is found, Airbnb cancels the reservation.


Airbnb  Protection for Guests has regulations and systems to provide safety and security to its guests, during interactions or transactions. But no screening system is perfect and can guarantee 100% security. As a guest be vigilant. Always look out for signs that raise any doubt.

Protection for Guests

With more companies joining the air-hosting industry, there is a lot of competition in the market. To make itself the best choice of all guests, Airbnb should provide traveler’s protection. This will make it more reliable and will give the guests peace of mind when staying at an Airbnb lodging.

Airbnb does have excellent guest protection services. And to be such reliable and such secure. One must have quite a capital. Here is how Airbnb drives its revenue in an increasing factor. Read Airbnb Growth hacking.

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