Airbnb No Reviews

Airbnb No Reviews

Airbnb No Reviews: What Does it Really Mean?

An Airbnb no reviews is like trying out a new dish that you have never ever tasted. It might be so great and overwhelming or it could be a disastrous experience that you may never ever want to remember. So what do you do when you get to see an Airbnb No reviews.

Airbnb No Reviews

While looking through a particularly beautiful Airbnb listing, you might think to yourself: This place is too good to be true. You browse the listing’s photos, read about its amenities—which include a pool and a sundeck—and it’s around this time when you discover the listing has zero reviews.

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Airbnb No Reviews: What does this mean?

No Reviews
How No Reviews Look like through WIkiHow

While your basic instinct will probably tell you to not to trust any Airbnb No reviews type of listing. But usually most of these Airbnb No reviews are legit.

So here’s what we have to help you out on selecting Airbnb No reviews.

Check out the Pricing, while most of the listings in the same area offer competitive pricing. A new Airbnb, however, will tend to offer the same quality at much lower pricing. So you need to compare the price and give this new one a shot.

Also, if the price is too good to be sure, then maybe it is not true. Well, it often is seen that new listing tends to lower there price, but if the price is too low, or perhaps way lower than what you would normally expect then there are pretty high chances that the Airbnb is a fraud listing.

A guarantee is something that is difficult to get, this is because these type of Airbnb are new and nobody has no previous experience with them. So try to ensure your stay with third-party travel insurance. SO if in any case, it turns out to be a fake one, at least you will have a 150% return of your booking.

Avoid contacting outside of Airbnb’s direct messaging system. If the host tries to pursue you on trying to seal the deal outside then there are chances of the host being a fraud. Keep that in mind and act smartly, know whether they accept payment on arrival or not. If the host is genuine, then they will, of course, say yes, if they are hesitant, well you know better what to do next.

Communication is the key in these type of situation, try messaging the host and get to know about the listing. Make sure that you are talking with someone authentic and you are good to go with it. If you ever feel like the person who is talking to you is kind of sketchy. Then you do not have to go forward with the booking. Keep these small things in mind and you should not have any problems whatsoever.


Reviews Matter

Airbnb No reviews does not mean that it is a bad listing. Sometimes guest tends to forget about reviewing the host which is why there is a bit of struggle for the host. But once responsive guest stars coming to the property, things do turn up to be quite better for both ends. So if you are having doubts with an Airbnb No reviews, then simply check the place on your google maps, if the place is real then it will show on the map.

You can also call up the local police station of the area to be very sure about the owner and its authenticity about the place.  So be safe and have a great time on your vacation with Airbnb.

That’s all that we have on Airbnb No Reviews. Remember, you may never know what does the Guest is like vice versa about the Host, if they do not have any reviews. Meanwhile, you can always read our other Airbnb Scam or Fake related articles to stay aware of your stay turning out to be a fraud.

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