Airbnb Netflix Settings

Airbnb Netflix Settings

Worried about how you can adjust the Airbnb Netflix Settings?

Airbnb hosts are always concerned about providing more facilities to the guests so they may get more bookings. Netflix is one of the best options you can use to attract more guests to your Airbnb. But the problem is that the guests don’t have any idea of how to adjust the Airbnb Netflix Settings.

Airbnb Netflix Settings

do you offer access to Netflix in your listing?    If so  do you use your own account? Pay for another account?  Make them sign in with THEIR account?  I have a Netflix account myself and a ROKU I can hook up —   I just today got my first inquiry about Netflix in the unit.   I’m wondering how others do it.

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In this situation, they often consider taking help from Airbnb hosts who have been in the industry for years. But they rarely get a suitable reply to their questions. The reason why it happens is that Netflix doesn’t offer some special features for such kind of situations.

Netflix usually gives us the opportunity to use our account on 5 different devices. But they don’t have any feature where we can share our account with unknown individuals. The reason why they have done so is that they want to avoid the misuse of their accounts.

However, we’ve brought some information particularly designed for Airbnb hosts who don’t know how to adjust Airbnb Netflix settings.

Benefits of offering Netflix

Enjoy Netflix

Many hosts believe that Netflix is just a useless addition to their Airbnb Listing. In fact, they consider it to be a headache. But if you think about it, you’d see that Netflix is one of the basic needs of guests these days.

The guests have come to spend some great time at your Airbnb. And they’d love watching their favorite shows after coming to your home at night.

The guests feel insecure when trying to open their own Netflix account at someone’s TV. So, you can make them feel comfortable by providing your own Netflix account.

Sharing the password

The Airbnb hosts can simply share the password of their Netflix account with the guests as they come to the home. And you can change the password once they’ve left your Airbnb. You can add the password to your Airbnb welcome book.

Create a guest account

When you’re setting up Airbnb Netflix Settings, you can simply create the guest account for your guests. And make sure that you mention it in the welcome book. The guests will use this account to watch their favorite shows. And you won’t have to worry about sharing the password with them. Simply, leave your Netflix account signed in and the guests will use this account as long as they stay at your Airbnb.

Create a Separate account

Sometimes, the hosts don’t like to share their account with the guests. It’s because the guests start exploring their account and they don’t want to share their privacy with others. In this situation, they can create a separate account for the guests. Thus, you’d be able to provide a great experience to the guests without having to worry about your privacy.


And ChillIt’s a fact that there is nothing Airbnb Netflix Settings. But when you’re sharing your Netflix account with the guests, you can take help from the tips we’ve mentioned above. We hope you’d be able to provide a better experience to the guests with these tips. If you’ve any questions about Airbnb Netflix Settings, we’d be more than happy to help you.

You can Netflix and Chill even if you are at an Airbnb. Just follow the above rules and you are good with the Airbnb Netflix Settings. To learn more about Airbnb, press this link here. 

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