Airbnb Must Haves

Airbnb Must Haves

Every Airbnb Host knows that to host your guests, you need to have the basic necessities for your Airbnb.

But due to the growing competition, it becomes really difficult for hosts to stay on top with the usual amenities.

Airbnb Must Haves: For all your Airbnb Properties

So to up your game in this field, we present to you the Airbnb Must Haves for your property.

There’s an inventory of basic amenities a host should have for Airbnb guests. However, there’s also other items that can enhance the guest experience and elevate it from normal to special, depending on the type of traveller; business, or leisure.

It’s always advisable to throw in a few ‘wow’ factor extras, guests love unique elements and little touches and it all makes for a more memorable Airbnb stay.


Airbnb Must Haves: The Top List

To help you with the ease of having to sort out all the stuff, we have created out the list of all the items that you should  require as Airbnb Must Haves

Airbnb Must Haves

Airbnb Must Haves

Here are the Must-Have Safety Items that need to be available on your Airbnb to stop further risk factors.

  • First Aid Kits
  • Smoke Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Non-Slip Bathtub Mat in each bathroom
  • A fire Escape route.

Now for the Entertainment Requirements

You may never know whether your guest is a quite book lover or a hardcore binge-watcher. So be prepared with all the Entertainment essentials on your Airbnb. We have shortlisted the Entrainment Airbnb Must haves

  • A Smart LED TV
  • Amazon TV Stick
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Roku Express Streaming Sticks
  • An Amazon 4k Fire HDTV if possible
  • A great camera (though do not make it a hidden camera)

Switching over to Communication Essentials

As a host, you must prepare to welcome your guest with all sorts of communication essentials. Having a lower signal does means lower internet speed and no one loves that. So have these essentials for your Airbnb

  • Some good Dual-band WiFi Routers for all your rooms.
  • Have all the major types of Phone Charging ports.
  • NetGear Nighthawk or Linksys Max Tream Tri-Band for 4-bedroom or larger units.

Airbnb Must Haves

A Coffee Machine

An Average American drinks three cups of coffee per day, that makes Coffee a stable beverage for any American guest. Since all major Airbnb is having this machine upon their properties.

It is worth investing in one for yourself and for the house as who doesn’t love coffee. So in particular, these are the types of coffee essentials you need in your property

Essential List for Families

Imagine a family has planned their vacation stay on your property. What do you have to offer them? Moreover, what do you have in stock for the kids? So it is essential to have the kid-friendly amenities as well.

Well, you do not need to always showcase these items, but you can always swap these items once you get the notification on your Airbnb App.

  • Crib
  • Baby swing
  • Baby bouncer
  • High chair
  • Childproof Electrical Outlet covers
  • Bottle warmers
  • Game Console
Airbnb Automatic Confirmation
Airbnb Automatic Confirmation

Other Necessary Airbnb Must Haves Items

So you are pretty much set with all the Airbnb must haves. But there are still a few things left off the self that you may require for your Airbnb.

So here are some of the other Essentials that you should make a checklist to order

  • A non-stick steam iron
  • Digital alarm clocks in each bedroom
  • Hairdryer and Hair straightener
  • Non-Stick Pans for the Kitchen
  • A working BBQ grill for parties

So we hope you can fulfill the list above and obtain all the Airbnb Must-Haves that too under your budget.

It’s not important to have every one of these, but yes we do recommend you to have at least more than 70% of the above items.

Furthermore, if you want to add more onto the list than it is your own personal choice. Happy Hosting !!

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