Airbnb Insurance

Airbnb Insurance

Airbnb Insurance: The Best Tips

Having to work every now and then on Airbnb may be difficult. Considering if you are someone that is thinking of growing the business but scared of who may rent on your property then Airbnb Insurance is what you need to look into.

Airbnb Insurance

If you are scared about your home-sharing, don’t be Airbnb Insurance is the best you got out there.

Having an Airbnb Insurance helps you out with all the potential loss that you may cover through its system.

There are over 6 million Airbnb listings worldwide, and if you’re planning to add your home to the growing market, then you already understand the importance of preparation. Fresh linens? Check. Extra towels? Check. Wi-Fi password prominently displayed? Check. Liability insurance? If you’re not thinking, “Double check,”

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Airbnb Insurance: How does it work


Airbnb offers an insurance policy which they call as Host Protection Insurance. According to this, All Airbnb hosts have the protection have liability insurance of up to 41 million USD against and third party claims for personal injury or property damage.

So the best feature about this is that it is included with every booking, that too every time. The host does not need to worry about any lawsuits against the name of the landlord. Also, it offers you protection against any unexpected rare event that may not go as planned. Either any damage of the property or any injury that may be suffered by the hosts or the guest.

Airbnb Insurance: What is covered

The Host Protection Insurance from Airbnb covers a lot of third party claims of bodily injuries or property damage. These include common property areas in a building like the lobby or the kitchen.


Also, in addition to this homeowner associations and landlords are also covered with claims for the guest that may suffer from any injury during a stay in their Airbnb.  There aren’t many limitations to this, the only thing is, the insurance is only claimable if the damage is caused by the third party. Which means the Guest.

Airbnb Insurance: What is not Covered?

There are certain liabilities that Airbnb Host Protection Insurance is limited to. These liabilities are as follows :

Property Damage due to pollution or mold. Damage to home from external natural factors cannot be covered.

Also, any damage or injury done intentionally on the property or to themselves by the host is also not covered by this insurance. IF it is not by any accident you are not able to claim your insurance

Any loss of earning cannot be covered.

Airbnb Insurance: How do you claim

To claim your Host protection Insurance you would need to contact Airbnb for the third party insurance issues. Then Airbnb would send their insurance team to take care of the matter with your and check all the valid documents to reach out for a settlement.

If you do not want to opt for a general Airbnb host protection insurance. Then you can always get an Airbnb home rental insurance form most of the home-sharing insurance companies. These Insurance companies provide limited liability policies but get you insurance in no sec. These are

  • Allstate HostAdvantage
  • Progressive Homeshare
  • Slice
  • Proper Insurance

These are some of the big names in the world of property insurance. These can help you claim your property insurance in no time and also provide you with some additional benefits which are not provided by Airbnb Host protection.


So now that you have learnt everything about Airbnb Insurance, you should know how vacation rental insurance works. It is not that complicated, the only thing that you really need to see is, how odes the coverage works and what does each policy covers up in accordance with its work.

Image Source: ABKJ Lawyers