Airbnb Insurance UK

Airbnb Insurance UK

Airbnb Insurance UK

Airbnb Insurance is not very different in many countries, however, there are certain norms of policy which differ amongst countries. Airbnb Insurance UK explains to you about how Insurance for Airbnb Works in the UK.

Although Airbnb has been all around the world,  for Airbnb Insurance UK, there are some difficulties as the most of the major Insurance provider companies in the UK do not have a policy for Airbnb Host, making it quite problematic for hosts in a certain region of the country.

As an Airbnb host, it very necessary for one to take the necessary steps in order to maintain the safety of their property. Which is why Airbnb Insurance UK will provide you with all the necessary details for your keeping your Airbnb Secure in the UK.

Airbnb Insurance UK

Airbnb Insurance UK: What you should know

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The insurance industry is slowly changing and there now specialist policies designed for hosts.

Pikl (previously known as InLet) has launched home hosting insurance, which costs £39.99 a year. It is designed for Airbnb hosts who let a room, an annex or their whole property and includes theft and damage to contents or buildings, lost keys, injuries to your guests and alternative accommodation for guests. It also features legal assistance for overstaying guests.

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  • You must let your Insurance company know that you are an Airbnb Hosts, as most traditional insurance companies still a thing, Airbnb hosting is the same as actual B&B, which is definitely not the same. Since most of the companies do not adapt to the Airbnb Policies, they might also refuse to pay up your claims stating you had withheld vital information that affected the risk they were takin in insuring your property.
  • You must understand that Airbnb Host Guarantee is nothing like home insurance, as it has a lot of limitation and exclusions which typical Home insurance would probably provide you.  So only choose the Host Guarantee insurance when you are aware of what really is available as coverage. Also, in case you do not like the limitations you need to have an arrangement with your usual home insurance company. or try switching over to a more special home insurance company that takes care of this stuff.
  • You must know about Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance as well, that covers up for limited third-party claims of injury or property. However, this cover does not extend to slander or libel, also any issues with the property, collision involving vehicles or anything intentional. On top of that, certain countries are not even included in this programme, luckily the UK is.
  • Also, similar issues can be expected with other Short-term property rental sites. Apart from Airbnb, even other rental sites in the UK faces the same insurance issue. Some are even less, then what the Airbnb Insurance covers up.

Although most of the insurance companies cannot help you with your Airbnb insurance, Admiral is one of the few insurance companies that offer Host Insurance extension to its Home insurance Policies as Airbnb Insurance UK.

Here are the few things that you should know about Admiral’s Airbnb Cover


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  • Homes can only be rented to guests for a maximum period of 90 days per year.
  • Admiral only covers a sum of 5000 pounds on jewellery, art, tablets, and other valuable items.
  • Once added to the cover, you don’t need to contact Admiral each time that you have a new booking.
  • The cover is available for both Existing and new Admiral home Insurance Customers who can add it whenever they are buying a policy online.
  • Finally, you must know that Second Homes and Holiday homes are not covered in the Admiral Policy.

That’s everything that we have on Airbnb insurance UK. WE hope that you loved it. If you want to catch out more on Airbnb Insurance policies overseas, you can definitely check out Airbnb Insurance Australia to clear out all the queries that you have as an Airbnb Host in Australia.

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