Airbnb Insurance Providers

Airbnb Insurance Providers

Airbnb Insurance Providers

Renting your Temporary home can not only generate you huger revenue but also help you utilize the empty space of your home.  But there are a lot of policies to protect your property against any personal loss, which why Airbnb Insurance Providers is a take away to all insurance-related problems.

Airbnb Insurance Providers

Airbnb Insurance Providers: The Top Insurance Companies for your Airbnb

To get an idea about the best Airbnb Insurance Provider, you need to understand the type of coverage it provides. Does it provide Commerical insurance or On-Demand Insurance?

Insurance for Airbnb hosts should be something you very seriously consider before opening up your home to strangers. Home sharing, and renting is becoming increasingly popular in Alberta. It’s a unique and alternative way to experience the province. curate an event, or plan a retreat. Renters are getting on board, but many are shocked to find out that they are not covered for loss and damages that could occur if something were to happen.


Here’s a list of some of the Best Airbnb Insurance Providers

CBIZ Insurance


CBIZ is one of the first companies that provided offers on Short term rental coverage, being the first to provide insurance at an age where no companies provided this kind of insurance.

The reason to choose them is there flexible policies that are designed for guest stays from day 1 to six months.  Their insurance policy completely replaces the usual standard homeowner’s policy by providing full coverage during a guest stay

Proper Insurance

properProper is a customed insurance policy specifically for short term rentals that formerly classifies itself as commercial policy. It is quite Similar to CBIZ and even Proper replaces the standard homeowner’s policy.

It offers you quick reclaim, a convenient attorney fee is also covered by them to handle all the insurance work for your rental. So you just need to sit back and relax while they take care of your home insurance.

SAFELY Insurance

SafelyAnother formidable company in the insurance field is Safely Insurance. The company provides premises and liability insurances for homeowners. In addition to this, Safely also provides liability coverage for property managers, guest personal property and also offers background checks about your incoming guests.

The cost of insurance is around $30-$50 Per stay, which adds up on into the extra service fee, or nightly rates. They even create you a “bad guests’ list. A unique feature that no other Insurance company offers in the market.

SLICE Insurance

SliceSlice is an on-demand instance company for your Airbnb, that standardizes homeowners insurance. Once the dates are established, jus uses the Slice app, to insure those days and when they are gone just turn off the insurance. Quite convenient, actually,

Also, the average nightly insurance rates are around $6-$8. Slice also provides up to $2 million dollars for any bodily injury or property damage that occurs to guests during their stay.


So these are the Airbnb insurance Providers that we have hand picked for you, they all come in with Complete Coverage and the only Slice has the Umbrella Policy along with the On-Demand Insurance policy. So that’s a bonus for everyone.. So just be wise and think productively, a little bit of Neatpicking is okay since you will be choosing the best one for you and your Guest Safety.  That being said,  Choose the Airbnb insurance Providers that do all work for you and do not let you face any problems.

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