Airbnb Insurance Guest

Airbnb Insurance Guest

Airbnb Insurance Guest

Airbnb believes that their guest should get the utmost benefits on their every stay. Which is why Airbnb has also taken special attention to its Airbnb Insurance Guest program or which is generally know as Host Protection Insurance.


The program covers certain property damage in common areas of a property outside of the listing itself (for example: a building lobby). Landlords and homeowner associations are also covered in certain cases when claims are filed against them due to a guest suffering an injury during a stay or if a guest damages building property.

Airbnb Insurance Guest: What is Airbnb Host Protection Insurance?

Airbnb’s Host protection insurance provides primary liability coverage of up to $1USD per occurrence, in the occasion of any third-party claims regarding bodily Injury or Property Damage. Also, the program covers very limited areas of property damage only in the common areas like the lobby.

Insurance for guest

The Airbnb Host Protection Insurance is also included with every booking, that too on every guest visit that can help guest and host to safeguard themselves against anything unexpected.

What’s Not Covered?

  • These things are not covered through Host Protection,
  • Property Damage due to pollution or mold.
  • Damage or Injury from something was done intentionally.
  • Loss of earnings

Airbnb Insurance Guest: What can Guest do

Guest can opt for personal travel insurance that covers up for any Airbnb Insurance that can be covered for the traveller.  As travel insurance usually a cover-up for Airbnb as well. SInce person -to person lodging are also considered as Accommodation according to travel insurance providers. So insurance against cancellations, personal belonging and personal liabilities are also covered through travel insurance.

What Travel Insurance Covers up


Airbnb Insurance Guest

Cancellation: Although Airbnb has three standard cancellation policies which protect both the hosts and guests. Although Airbnb ensure guests receive a refund, if you end up out of pocket following an insured event or if you got seriously il and had to cancel your trip, then your travel insurance backs you up with covering up for your cancellation.

For Luggage and Personal items: If you have rented out the entire house then it is not considered as a public place but as a house and then your personal belongings are covered if something happens to them while you are inside the property. But if you have booked a room from a house, then it is considered to be a guest house or hotel, then, in that case, you are required to keep the stuff inside the locked room for cover to apply.

If Something Breaks: If anything gets broken on the rental property, then things get a bit tricky as most host’s home insurance covers share some amount of accommodation. However, you can save the loss of money by switching over to your travel insurance on paying up for any damage occurred by you.


Travel insurance also covers for any scam or any fraud agents your booking by paying up for your travel expense. Although that sector is secured by Airbnb as well as it provides the guest with an alternative nearby Airbnb of the same locality. However, in instances where you cannot find any Airbnb in the locality, then Airbnb can only refund you your money back. This can be avoided if you have Travel insurance, that will provide you up to 200% returns on fake listing events like this, making Airbnb Insurance Guest totally safe.

So that’s what you need to know about Airbnb Insurance Guest to learn more about other Airbnb just click on this link and you are good to go.

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