Airbnb Insurance Canada

Airbnb Insurance Canada

Airbnb Insurance Canada

Airbnb Insurance Canada has bee created to help out every host who are residing in Canada and wants to set up insuring with the help of Airbnb. The article will focus on all the necessary stuff that is required for a host to essential raise up the insurance coverage for their property in Canada.

Check with the Canada Revenue Agency ([English]|[French])for more information on how to report your income from hosting. It’s also a good idea to find out if you’re eligible for other credits like tax reliefs and allowances.

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Airbnb Insurance Canada: What you do need to know about an Asset in Canada

IF you are experienced Home Owner, you may be aware of Airbnb’s own policies for tier hosts, which are kind of Okiesh but they only cover up some aspects of coverage and leave out a lo left. In Canada, there are still a select few insurance companies that provide home-sharing insurance.

Airbnb Insurance Canada

In some instances, these insurance company may require you to completely switch over to them for availing their policies. So it is very necessary to look at all the prospects of the companies and then select the correct one for Airbnb Insurance Canada.

Airbnb Insurance Canada: What are the available home-sharing insurance companies available in Canada.

Aviva Home Sharing Insurance

Aviva provides coverage for loss or damage to the home and personal property. It also covers up for the loss of rental or intentional acts up to $1500 of guest’s property and liability for short-term rentals. To add Airbnb coverage on your existing Aviva Policy, you need to talk with a broker.

April Insurance for Airbnb

April is another rising and innovative company that launches brand new products for their clients. This also includes coverage for home-sharing space. Also, its features include coverage from vandalism and theft during the rental period as well as water & sewer backup options. Get in a call with your broker to make your Airbnb a part of April.

Duuo Insurance for Airbnb

Duuo is another new insurance integration that is backed up by co-operator groups. They offer up to $2 million in liability and 15 specific perils. Why Duuo is so convenient, well the reason being, you do not need any home insurance providers. Also, you can add Duuo with your current home insurance and pay only when you are renting the unit.

Square One Airbnb insurance

Square One is one of the best as it specializes in all home insurance. They have Airbnb insurance as well, that starts at $40/month depending on your contract. It also covers accidental damage against your home and property and well as gives exposure to personal liabilities.  Although it does not include any guest property to their personal liability. But it does work out as a good insurance company.


Being in Canada, you do avail a lot of Airbnb policy benefits as you are neighbouring the US. But when the topic of Airbnb comes into play, it is same as in both in the US and the rest of the world. You need to find different home insurance for your Airbnb Insurance Canada to make things work. As Airbnb is not that great when it comes to providing insurance to their clients, although they have great plans, they have a lot of shortcoming due to the limitations and clauses of each policy.

If you want to read more about Airbnb policies on other countries, try Airbnb Insurance UK. You will avail every bit of information regarding insurance, its features and how would you claim it.  Every bit of information will be delivered, just like Airbnb Insurance Canada.