Airbnb: How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review

Airbnb: How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review
Airbnb How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review

Airbnb How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review

Airbnb How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review

                                                                                                 Airbnb How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review

Airbnb How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review here is all about it.

Airbnb has made it easier for people to make money through even a single spare room they may have in their facility.

From house to villa owners, it has been highly beneficial for both busy tourists and business officials for being the most affordable travel agency out there for their trips.

It provides the inclusivity of foreigners amongst native citizens.

Indeed, providing for your guests is very heartwarming for oneself, and all the more rewarding for you monetarily.

Andrew Smith in his book ‘Airbnb How to make six-figure income WITHOUT having any property’ handles the money matters in such a way that making a six-figure seems easier than it has ever been.

The book will teach you how to create listings that boost your visibility, bookings and profits!

Airbnb has become something of a phenomenon recently. Every day, in every town on the planet, homeowners are making money by renting out their spare rooms to travelers.

But with more and more people catching on, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Easy money for the go-getters

He adds a list of topics that he would discuss in his book, that he feels are the most crucial for hitting it high in the hosting service.

He argues that 5-star rated Airbnb listings aren’t as profitable as one might think, which leaves the reader in curiosity.

He presents a to-do list for what one must do before and after embarking on his Airbnb journey. Then, he dives into small, intricate details; identifying the target guest audience, optimising decorations, setting the rightful price for a listing, Airbnb must-have gadgets and messaging templates, as well as 9 other factors that will affect an Airbnb listing.

Andrew goes on to say that one does not even need to own a property to make money off it.

It’s a huge claim, but if it worked for him, there must be some science behind it… right? If you know nothing about Airbnb, Andrew Smith is there to be your mentor.

Airbnb How to Make Six Figure Income Book Review; The community’s verdict

Airbnb Listing Hacks
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Many online reviews are in the favour of this book, with the users claiming that they’ve gained the required knowledge.

This helps to optimize their listings, the way to write great titles, strong, persuasive summaries of their listings, and a beautiful description of what they have to offer.

Indeed, words equal power, and reviews state that Andrew Smith has taught them to use words to their advantage.

Readers credit this book to point out some extra basic little traps that they hadn’t perused previously, which were damaging towards their careers. 

The majority of the starters at Airbnb felt that the book left no stone unturned in explaining the real estate rental business.

The intermediate and expert level hosts, however, were slightly disappointed.

Their reviews suggest that it gives no insight into how someone who has already started up his career on Airbnb can further expand his business.

Seasoned managers find little support in the text, with a few reviews calling the book basic because, apparently, it doesn’t go deep into any area and never gives specific recommendations.

The bulk of research is left for you to figure out on your own.

All in all, the book is pretty well written and incredibly enthusiastic.

It covers all the basic aspects and provides a strategic direction towards making a nice cash influx, if not the claimed six figures.

So that’s how you grow hard and make six figures on Airbnb .

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