Airbnb Host Review Template

Airbnb Host Review Template

Airbnb Host Review Template: The Best Way

Every Professional¬† Airbnb host is always concerned about finding the best Airbnb Host Review Template so they may stay competitive in the industry. Airbnb isn’t just about doing business but it is designed to build a strong network of hosts and guests.

Many hosts think that the reviews aren’t going to bring them any benefits. And they only pay attention to the reviews the guests post about them. Without any doubt, the guest reviews help with boosting your reputation on Airbnb. But it’s also very important to leave reviews about the guests. The Airbnb Host Review Template can be the best option for you if you don’t know how to write a professional review about a guest.

Airbnb Host Review Template

Both the host and guest are supposed to leave a positive or negative review about each other within 14 days of leaving the property. Here are some reasons why you should leave a review of the guests as soon as they leave your property.

An Airbnb host review is a short paragraph being up to 1000 words that are written by the host about the guest who has previously stayed at the listing.Details such as your communication skills in person and on the Airbnb app, how you left their listing, or how respectful you were to the Airbnb house rules.


Importance of leaving a review about Guests

The Airbnb algorithm is designed in a way that it only ranks the hosts who are dedicated to offering a quick response to the guests. If you think that you just need to respond to the guest’s messages, you’re probably mistaken because posting a review is also a part of offering a quick response to the guests.

When you regularly post reviews about the guests, you’re actually contributing to making Airbnb a successful platform. As a result, Airbnb also helps you with getting more and more customers over time.

Another important thing about posting reviews is that it helps you with achieving the Superhost status quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you must take help from the Airbnb Host review template to post a review about guests whenever they leave your property.

What you can learn from Airbnb Host Review Template?

The Airbnb Host Review Template consists of some important factors that help you with staying professional on Airbnb. Here are some important things you can learn from Airbnb Host Review Template.

Guest’s PersonalityGuest Reviews

The hosts usually take a look at the reviews of previous hosts to figure out whether they should deal with a specific guest or not. In this situation, you can help them with making an informed decision if you’ve added enough information about the guest’s personality in your review.

You just need to highlight some specific things about the guest’s personality. If you started discussing details in your review, your review will become boring and the other hosts won’t get enough benefit from it.


It’s really important to mention whether the guest responded to all your messages on time or not. Sometimes, the hosts get worried when they do not receive a timely response from the guest. Therefore, the hosts want to deal with guests who can respond to their messages on time. In this situation, you can help them with making a better decision by mentioning how well the guest communicated with you throughout the process.

Negative AspectsNegative aspects

There is nothing wrong with mentioning the negative aspects of a guest. If you didn’t like something about a guest, you must mention it in your review. But make sure that you do not add negative aspects to every other review as it leaves a negative impact on guests who are willing to stay with you.




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