Airbnb Horror Story

Airbnb is the perfect accommodation marketplace for both guests and hosts; it is not out of place to hear horror stories about the platform. Here are some Airbnb horror stories  that will leave you wondering: 


Caution: Read at your own risk.



One defining trait of the horror genre is that it provokes an emotional, psychological, or physical response within readers that causes them to react with fear. One of H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous quotes about the genre is that: “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”[28] the first sentence from his seminal essay, “Supernatural Horror in Literature“.


My True Airbnb Horror Story: Teenage party saga


A fourteen-year-old boy booked a house using the popular hosting platform and threw a huge party for over a hundred teens on the property, which is against the rules of Airbnb. A friend of the host was visiting and saw the party which was ongoing at the time. The police were alerted, Airbnb authorities were also alerted. These party guests were under-aged teens, and it was very dangerous.

Airbnb Horror Story: Guest scammed 

 A guest, Michaela Scarrott, had supposedly booked a luxury apartment in Whangarei for eight of her friends in what looked like an Airbnb website. She had gone to the Airbnb website to make a payment, but it wasn’t going through, she was given a separate account number to pay the sum of $4800, six weeks before the trip.


She didn’t have any cause to suspect a fraud as the website was so organized and identical to the original site, it wasn’t until two of her friends showed up at the doorstep of the property that the truth was revealed that the original owners had just moved in recently and didn’t lease out their property to anyone or put it up for hosting on the site. She had been defrauded by organized scammers who went out of their way to fake the Airbnb


The Drug-induced Orgy Airbnb Horror Story

A Canadian couple, Mark and Star King had to cut their trip short after their neighbours reported a drug party hosted in their Sage-hill, Northwest Calgary home. The guests who booked the space threw a party for over a hundred people. When the police came, destroyed furniture were found, half littered drugs were also found, vomit, used condoms, crumpled dresses from the fight that occurred before they were arrested. Police estimated that the damage to the property was between CAD 50,000-CAD 75,000, but thankfully, their property was insured up to $1 million Airbnb insurance.

Airbnb Horror Story

Barcelona woman books her own home

 A Barcelona woman, Montse Perez booked her own home in order to kick out her subletting tenants. Apparently, she had rented out the 32 square apartment in the beach suburb of Barceloneta, to a 26 years old man for $1,462 a month who claimed to have just moved to Barcelona, only for him to list it on Airbnb for $370 a night, during the peak summer months. When she found out, she cunningly booked her house on Airbnb and when she got to the house, barred herself inside and waited for the police to come before the locks were changed.

The guest turned squatter

 A San Francisco Bay Area woman by name Cory Tschogl rented her Palm Springs Condo to a man on a business trip, only to get a lawyer to evict him after he refused to leave.

How to Avoid These Airbnb Horror Stories

  1. Read AirHostingTips and learn from other Airbnb Hosts and save yourself from all the Horror.


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