Airbnb Hidden Fees

Airbnb Hidden Fees

Airbnb is an online community marketplace that allows people to rent or lodge in beautiful and amazing houses or spaces across the world.

However, there are some Airbnb hidden fees that are not immediately recognized on the Airbnb site.

A common form of hidden fees and surcharges is “fine print” in advertising. Another way to hide fees that is commonly used is to not include “shipping fees” into the price of goods online. This makes an item look cheaper than it is once the shipping cost is added. Many hotels charge mandatory “resort fees” that are not typically included in the advertised base price of the room.



Airbnb Hidden fees: For Cleaning Services

Although its cleaning fee is stated on the listing, it is quite on the high side, you discover that most times, it is nearly the price of lodging. For instance, a guest books space for $40, most times the cleaning fee is around $32.

A cleaning fee is usually the money you pay in advance for any damages you make in a property.

For instance, this penthouse in Tulum appears to cost $37/ night, wait until you book it for a specific day, what pops up will shock you, a $35 cleaning fee plus taxes and service charge turn $37 per night stay into $82, that’s ridiculous and goes on to show the discrepancies of Airbnb hidden fees.

Airbnb Hidden Fees:  For a Security deposit


These fees are quite exorbitant although they are for protection sake, in case a guest damages property of the host, the money is used to fix them.

Airbnb Hidden Fees

Another hidden fee is the fact that on the landing page of the Airbnb site, the advert of a potential home has a different price from the one that comes up after a guest pays.

For instance, a home is $50 on the site, after paying; it goes up to $155, inclusive of security deposit fee and a cleaning fee, which are usually both on the high side.

Airbnb Hidden Fee – Credit card surcharge

A user by name complained of how he was charged AUD 1.31 without any explanation. This is not something new, as many other users have also faced the same issue as these and may have felt cheated. 

Airnb hidden cashIt is just not about booking the best lodging space, some other factors need to be clearly stated to avoid additional or hidden expenses for guests.

You as a guest, after choosing the home you want to stay in, take out your credit card to make payment online and get a double alert, one for the home payment and the other for a surcharge not mentioned before, or without any form of explanation.

It seems homeowners are using the Airbnb platform to dupe unsuspecting users.

For instance, a lady and her boyfriend looking to rent a home for their vacation, after going through the listing, settled for one (a boutique hotel that uses Airbnb as their booking platform.   

After paying an exorbitant fee, county tax and state tax inclusive, someone called her to cancel her booking because someone else booked the same day and the owners refused to alert one of them.

That’s not all, Airbnb called her to refund her money, but she found out that the voucher did not cover the $88 in tax that she paid initially.

Apparently, that’s what they do to unsuspecting guests.

After booking and paying in full, you are told that the home isn’t available anymore and a voucher sent to you excluding the money paid for tax and you are told to rebook another home, which would mean another tax payment.


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