airbnb guests damage

Airbnb Guests Damage

Airbnb guests damage

Accidents happen. there is no denying that sometimes it’s the hosts while other times it’s because of the Guests. So Airbnb Guests damage is here to explain you on what can you do if your guests break something in your Airbnb.

What do you when your newly painted carpet or room just got stained due to your guest? While in general, You may feel anger since you are entitled to feel angry.  What would you do, if they break something very valuable to you? That is why Airbnb has sorted out ways to help you cover up your financial loss that may occur through any misfortunate events or Airbnb guests damage.

Airbnb Guests Damage: what falls under Guest damage

Airbnb Guests Damage


Any mishaps from the guests, be it their clumsy attitude that broke your kitchen plate or their dirty shoes that cost you your costly carpets or their unorganized bed and breakfast habits that cost the life of your mattress.  Everything falls under the Guest Damage categories. Some minor examples of Wear and Tear are as follows:

  • Tearing of rugs or curtains.
  • Limescales on the walls of the shower.
  • Breaking of old furniture or appliances.
  • Minor Scuff marks on the walls from moving luggage in and out of the hallway.
  • Make-Up on hand towels and face washers.

Airbnb Guests Damage: What are the Serious Damages

These can be categorized as those prime time damage which is caused by the guest to your property like.

Dirty Guest

  • If they drop something they on your floor to crack.
  • Dropping irreversible colour on your furniture.
  • REserve parking by mistake in your home garden.
  • Steal something from your property
  • Break the door handles or hooks by mistake.

How do you handle your guest in such unfortunate cases

Guest DamageAlthough the misfortune did happen, any concerned guest will do the righteous thing and offer to cover up for the loss. But what if that doesn’t work out. If the guest is refusing to pay or is out of money. How do you recover your damage?

Well then you just contact Airbnb and they can help you with your issue. You would be required to makes a claim from your security deposit.

  • You would need to go the Resolution Center of and then choose the relevant reservation.
  • Select a reason and the Click on REquest compensation for damages.
  • Click On Continue to submit details about the damages and the go the next page.
  • If the guest accepts the amount request, the payout will be released within 5-7 days
  • If they decline, then click Involve Airbnb and you will be required to hand out additional documentation within 72 hrs of the case.
  • After a week with the correct documentation, Airbnb would release the fund that has been lost due to damage.

Additional sources to Protect your self

Of course, nobody likes to go through the inconvenience of having to go through all the trouble of reclaiming all the cost of your items. So here are some tips to help yourself from all the trouble.

  • Trying to select the correct type of guest for your Airbnb. So that you would feel secure for your guest. Get yourself some vetted guest.
  • Remove valuable stuff from your Airbnb, if in any case, your guest may break any stuff, then better to remove any valuable stuff from the rental.
  • Registration through the Host Guarantee Program for securing your Damage.
  • Try to have third party insurance as well and you are good to go to protect against Airbnb guests damage.

You may try to prevent any Airbnb Guests Damage, but can never be sure whether it will be sufficient, which is why you ought to now about Airbnb Insurance and its related problems for a better understanding.

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