Airbnb Furnishing Service

Airbnb Furnishing Service

Airbnb Furnishing Service: The Best Service Out There

Furnishing is like the backbone of your property. And for Airbnb, you definitely require the best Airbnb Furnishing Service available on hand for your guest.

There are different furnishing services that you can use for your Airbnb, the blog describes you about the few dedicated services to help you out with Airbnb Furnishing Service.

Airbnb furniture packages are a service aimed to suit the floor plan and layout of your property. They cover everything from a rug on the ground to a print that hangs on the wall. You can include linen, electronics, mattresses, even toilet roll holders and all for one package price.

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Airbnb Furnishing Service

Airbnb Furnishing Service: Top Furniture Service Provider for your Airbnb

Be it Rental or Full time, all the services mentioned below provide top-notch furniture service for your Airbnb to work on.


This may be the best furniture rental service over the US and to choose as an Airbnb Furnishing Service. You find anything related to rental stuff at Wayfair. No questions asked. Wayfair’s catalog consists of all sorts of furniture for only your guest, but also for their pets. Something unique.

In addition to this, Wayfair also offer free shipping for orders above $49 anywhere in the U.S. They also provide international shipping to countries like Canada, the UK and Germany with  30 days return policy,


APT2B is an amazing place to search for your furniture. They have a lot of variety, all very stylish and everything they have tends to suits your design. Whether you are someone who loves to keep things as a minimalistic would or someone that wants to stand out from the rest by adding up some extravagant choices. APT2B has it all for you.

Something really nice about this website is the fact that they offer a 100 days tryout of the product. Something really nice for Airbnb hosts to test it out with your guests and find out whether it suits their needs.

As a whole, the website also provides free shipping all over the US. But they do not offer any international shipping, for that you might require to contact any 3rd party team to help you out on that.

3. Blu DotBlu Dot

Blu Dot offers a unique feature. You get designer-made furniture at a bargain.  Everything on the website is made completely in-house, from the initial sketches to actually building the furniture that you actually want to purchase.

As an Airbnb Furnishing Service unit, they ship in the U.S and Canada with a 7% shipping rate from the total order. So if you order something about $100. The shipping charge will be around $7.

In addition to this, they also arrange for international shipping but before you make a purchase you should discuss the logistics with them first.

4. West ElmWest Elm

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see West Elm in Airbnb Furnishing Service List,  hereafter all these stores provide high-quality furniture at an affordable rate. This website also features sections beyond furniture to help you to shop.  You can also shop for decorative pieces to keep on your property.

As for shipping, the provide shipping anywhere in the US and parts of the UK as well. For other international destinations, you should contact their customers’ support for information.

5. Design Within ReachDesign Within Reach

As an Airbnb Furnishing service unit, this has the most elegant website of all, Design Within Reach can be said as a very stylish and affordable. With over 20 stores across the US and a few international stores in Canda and Mexico. Design Within Reach values the budget of the consumer and deals with the perfect budget-friendly furniture for them.

Also do note that they ask about 12% of shipping charges for the order value.


Overall, these are the top Airbnb Furnishing Service that you can obtain over the US. IF you ever feel like upgrading your current furnishings, just hop on to your Car and take a tour in any of the Stores.

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