Airbnb Fake Reviews

Airbnb Fake Reviews

Airbnb Fake Reviews

Airbnb Fake Reviews. A serious discussion that needs to be highlighted and discussed. Being a  service-based platform, Airbnb does require its users and hosts to involve themselves in creating a great experience and leaving an everlasting impression with a real genuine review.

Airbnb Fake Reviews: What are these Fake reviews

Fake reviews or dummy reviews are usually paid reviews or bot reviews that are used by the host in order to obtain more ratings for themselves and their listing. Although it is immoral few hosts do it. Although Airbnb dows filter and reviews every review from time to time for checking its authenticity, sometimes some fake reviews do get missed and end up in the host’s 5-star rating lineup.

So an Airbnb apartment just pulled of an innocent parties account and then advertised through a major newspaper and then using a fake Airbnb website to offer some kind of guarantee. The only guarantee is that you’ll lose your money.

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Airbnb Fake Reviews: How does Airbnb Identify fake reviews

Well, Airbnb does moderate its reviews with the help of its staff that regulates and keeps an eye on the reviews of emerging hosts and carefully observe their reviews. Here’s what the team mainly focuses to identify fake reviews.

Airbnb Fake Reviews

By checking the name of the credit card of payment to that of the associated credit cards by the owner.

Usually, all the payments for the fake reviews are made by using the same credit card or the same PayPal account. So Airbnb identifies the credit account to find any sort of miscreant stuff by the host.

When rentals are too cheap as compared to their regular offering price, Airbnb does have a good deep check on who checked-in, under what alias, the mode of payment. If anything is found to be suspicious, Airbnb strikes the review as a fake one.


The IP through which the payment has been done for the host.  Airbnb checks the IP even on the guest so that there aren’t any similarities of the payment IPs.

Airbnb also checks the booking and reads the conversation between the host and the client. If there are any unusual conversation or no conversation then Airbnb considers the booking as a fake one and also considers the review to be fake.

Again, the IPs for payment and the IPs from which he booking has been done, the review has been created all details are checked throughout. If everything falls under the same IP then Airbnb considers it as a fake review as well.

Fake Reviews
You may end up like this

Also, Airbnb does checks and regulates the type of Review that has been posted on the host’s account, the similarities of reviews do account Airbnb to be more suspicious on to the act of forgery. In addition to this, if the reviews do feel very different from the other guest’s reviews, Airbnb also takes a deep look on that to identify the review as a fake one.

Airbnb Fake Reviews: Conclusion

Although it may seem from the article, that Airbnb Fake reviews are done by the hosts, to benefit themselves, yet sometimes even guest try to give fake reviews as a way to claim their insurance or blackmail the hosts to pay them money for the leverage of a 5-star review. And yes, it is immoral and a bit illegal in every bit of way.

So in the end, it all depends on the nature of the person, as for Airbnb, it always tries its level best to maintain its quality for its guest and hosts alike by creating strict rules and making them mandatory for the everyone to abide by it.

This is done in order to prevent any Airbnb fake reviews from being posted on any hosts’ profile. To learn more about Airbnb Fake stuff, you can read Airbnb Fake Listings.

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