Airbnb Fake Listings

Airbnb Fake Listings

Airbnb Fake Listings

A lot of our articles uncover the scams that have been exposed on Airbnb, such ones like Airbnb Fake Listings. That does account the listing of fake Airbnb Properties which in the end turn out to be very troublesome and very disturbing for the guest and leaves a mark on the quality of Airbnb as a whole.

Fake listings

Apart from the fact that Airbnb tries their level best to reduce these scammers. The number of Airbnb Fake Listings are not going slow any time soon.  This prompts us to help you with determining how to choose the real ones from the Airbnb Fake Listings.

Online con artists can create websites that look almost identical to the popular home-renting website and succeed in siphoning thousands of dollars from unsuspecting users.

Sarah Ruiz Grossman,HuffPost US

Airbnb Fake Listing: Tips to make sure the Listing is real

Check reviews, Check the pattern, check the content, check the originality and check how relevant are the reviews to that of the hosts’ property. Also, check the guest that reviewed check their profile and check if they are real genuine Airbnb guest or not.

Airbnb Fake Listings

Check the description as mentioned in all the Airbnb scammer articles, check the description of the property and see whether the host has described any means of 3rd party payment outside Airbnb. That is a potential fake listing as the host or scammer will probably insist you book and not pay through Airbnb.

Go through the listing photos and compare them with photos on google, if they are the same, then the listing is probably original. Although sometimes, scammers use fake alias on real houses to show that the listing in under their name. So be very careful about that and only book if the listing and the reverse search images match.

Do not contact them through email. You can probably contact them through the App, but never though message or emails. even if the lean on requesting you to do that. Until and unless it is a genuine reason, do not indulge in talking outside of Airbnb.

Sometimes you may see luxurious penthouse or hotels at an unbelievable price and might book right away thinking it is a steal deal. DO NOT do that mistake because of most of the times, these too good to be true deals are all fake scams. These are the most common Airbnb fake Listings.

Do not click on any link offered to you by the hosts. Most of the times these are fake links to fake Airbnb Websites. Be sure to check a link and see the    icon in the address bar of our browser. If the icon does not appear. Then it is probably a fake website.

Airbnb Fake Listings: What to do After you find a Fake Listing

After finding a scammer it is necessary to report him to the authorities. In this case, you need to report these accounts to Airbnb. If you have received a fake email from these scammers or a fake website. Directly send the link and the Host profile to

Also if the host is trying ways to manipulate you in your chat conversation, then go and Contact US of Airbnb and press the help section to obtain assistance from Airbnb against these Scammers. Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


Just like any other means of stealing your information, scammers may try different techniques to loot you, if you read this article, we suggest you to share it to reach others that may need this vital information.  Have a look at Airbnb Fake Emails.

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