Airbnb Fake Host

Airbnb Fake Host

Airbnb Fake Host

An issue of Airbnb Fake Host is quite unique but it is a serious problem. This may account as a Scam Listing on Airbnb. Here are some cases that got covered as Fake listing issues on Airbnb.

Airbnb Fake Host: Some methods to identify Fake Listings

Imagine walking up to the door front and ringing on your Airbnb listing and then the host comes out with a surprising reaction saying that this is not an Airbnb Listing.

Now that would be a huge problem for you as a host if you just go to know that a fake host had a fake listing and you directly went straight forward to a scam.

Airbnb Fake Host

How do you Identify Scams

This site is for bookings all over the world which is amazing, however, it is extremely clear that many “hosts” are stealing pictures of hotels and rooms that are not actually available. On top of that, they are adding significant inflation to the pricing.


Follow up these methods to identify  Airbnb Fake Host

Do a Reverse Google Image Search

Reverse image search helps one do search the listing images on google and then find whether the property photos link with the right Host. if the photo redirects you to an alternate Website. Then it means that the property is probably fake. So just like you reverse chek photo of the property.

Do a Reverse Photo Search of the host as well.   Check the profile photo of the host and get to know whether he is authentic or just using a fake name or fake alias.

Pay Attention to Details

Every detail mentioned about the property on the property photos, including address or name of the restaurant nearby and whatsoever must be included. Also, try checking the address on online searches or google maps, to be sure that the property really exists.

Look Up and Check Everything
Read Reviews

Reviews are a way to know how legit is the listing. Examine the reviews, check the profile of the guest that reviews the property and their stays. Sort out the critical reviews that point our the cancellations or bad experience with the host. Of course, a negative review does not mean the host is a cammer, sometimes circumstances do bring out a negative review. But the reason for you to check the reviews is to see whether the owner of the property is not an Airbnb Fake host.

Do not Book or pay though any Third Party system

Even if the host insists you pay through a third party payment system or ask you to pay up the money to the host. DO NOT. These are potential scams which lures the guest into paying up in advance and then they might cancel your booking at the last minute and you will not be able to sue them through Airbnb as well since there is authentication of our payment. So while paying only pay through the Airbnb app and if the host seems to pursue you into paying advanced, then remember that that might be a potential scammer.


Apart from all the advice to identify an Airbnb Fake host, you should be careful of host messaging you links redirecting to another website that looks like Airbnb but is not.  SO do not click any suspicious links delivered to you by the host. IF the host fulfils the above checklist then maybe he is genuine and you can trust him to click on the link

But in the end, it is your call. If you want o go with your instincts and trust the fellow host.

SO be sure to check everything as we have taught you in Airbnb Fake Host and choose the right host for your vacation. Also, you should check the list of host obligations to know more about Airbnb.

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