Airbnb Fake Guests

Airbnb Fake Gest

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In this article, I’m going to help you understand why Airbnb fake guest are popping up, how you can identify them, and what to do when you interact with fake Airbnb guest profiles.

After that I’m going to show you the top hacks you can make to grow your Airbnb profits nearly instantly

Millions of people have a wonderful experience with Airbnb both as hosts and as guests.

Unfortunately, quite a few incidents happen from time to time that put all Airbnb users on alert.

These are because of what Airbnb terms as Airbnb Fake Guests.

As a host, you need to trust a guest to let them inside your house. Depending on the kind of guests you get, it can both be a pleasant or horrible experience.

Airbnb Fake Guests


Airbnb Fake Guests

Lately, a lot of reports have been made by hosts complaining about fake guests. And Airbnb is doing its best to provide security to its hosts.

Why are Airbnb Fake Guests Popping up

Airbnb fake guests can either be any person who is trying to make a reservation at an Airbnb lodging by providing false information.

Fake guest Airbnb

These people can make fake profile accounts, or impersonate themselves as another use by hacking their accounts.

Fake guests can be a trouble for hosts as they might use the property for suspicious activities or try to get out of it without paying.

Some may even harm the property or be pose a potential danger for the host.

5 Ways to Identify a Fake Airbnb Guest Profiles Easily

We’ve been hosts for four months and generally things have been fine. We’re in the East of England and all our guests have been nice. But this morning we got an enquiry for two nights end of March from “Ken” in China, no reviews, joined 1st February (i.e. this morning!), with a photo of a pretty blonde woman.

Entire message, “Hello, is there a swimming pool?”. (If there was it would certainly be in the listing!!!).

We said simply “No, can’t help you”, declined and did a reverse search on the photo. It’s of a popular Australian actress. We reported the profile as fake.

artfulbadger, aribnbhostForum

There are some red flags that you can alert you about possible Airbnb fake guests.

People who have been hosting for years have come across quite a few such situations.

We have asked some expert hosts for their advice regarding fake guests, and here is what we know:

Fake Guests are Inevitable at Your Vacation Rental

combating fake airbnb guests

Like it or not, when you are on a web portal advertising any service, it is nearly impossible to avoid scammers.

Even with the most advanced security screenings can fail to identify a fake profile.

Online platforms are getting slightly better at detecting anomolies, but you still have to be on your guard.

Trust Your Instincts when Looking at Guest Profiles

Whether you are a new host or have been hosting for years, some things might raise an alarm, for instance:

  • An odd name
  • Odd Email Address
  • Unidentifiable pictures
  • Unclear Descriptions

Check the Reviews for Fake Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb Fake Gest

If a suspicion arises, look thoroughly at the reviews of the guest from other hosts.

Also, check when this guest used the service.

If they haven’t used the platform in a long time, the original account could be hacked.

Or the bot is spacing out the interaction times.

Anything that does not add up should tell you to avoid that guest.

Guest Asking for Crazy Discounts More likely to be fake

If the guest demands an irrational reduction in price that also means that he can be a scammer.

For instance, a person asking for a ten percent discount because he will be visiting the place frequently for business sounds credible.

Comparatively, a person asking you for a half price or a free one night stay might be a fake guest.

It may even be a competitor looking to see how you operate.

Airbnb Guest Wanting to Pay with Cash or Outside of Airbnb

If a guest offers to make a payment outside the medium of Airbnb, refuse to oblige.

Not only can this be a scam, by doing so you will be violating Airbnb’s policy and would not be covered by Airbnb protection.

Fake Guest
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Airbnb makes it its top priority to keep air-hosting a secure experience for hosts. But as a host keep an eye for anyone that seems like a scammer or a fake guest.

By sticking to the Airbnb rules, and following the tips provided, you can avoid a scam.

7+ Ways You can Increase Airbnb Profits Nearly Instantly

Here are some tips you should be implementing immediately to increase how much money you make off your short term rental property.

  1. Reduce Amount of Bad Guests by Screening Profiles

    • Just like we’ve covered in this aritcle, one of or first recommendations is to screen your guests very thoroughly. You actually start by including a very detailed description. One clever trick is to include a “Secret Phrase” in your listing. Instruct potential guests to use the secret phrase when booking. This will ensure that they have read your entire listing. Click the link below for a few other ways to screen your guest
  2. Optimize Your Airbnb Listing for More Views

    1. This is a hack that all of the top Airbnb hosts use. Instead of a boring listing like you may have now, you need to make your listing more “clickable”. This means using more actionable and powerful words like “Luxurious”, “Convenient”, “Secluded” . You also want to include your most appealling amenity. If its the view, make sure you tell the potential guests in the listing. This will increase your views to your listing, and increase your airbnb bookings

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