Airbnb Experience Setup Guide

Airbnb Experience Setup Guide

Airbnb Experience Setup Guide

Learn how to set-up experience for your Airbnb Hosting

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Recently, Airbnb has become a great source for generating income for many homeowners and property investors. The good news is that now you can become more than just an Airbnb Host. At Airbnb, you can earn money in some more fulfilling ways as well. One of those wonderful ways is hosting Airbnb Experiences!  for which we have made up Airbnb Experience Setup Guide.

Our Airbnb Experience setup guide will help you learn everything about this new hosting opportunity.

After you’ve submitted your experience, we’ll typically get back to you soon about whether or not it’s a fit for Airbnb. Sometimes responses can take longer, depending on the activities involved in your experience.


What is Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb Experience Setup Guide

Airbnb experiences are excursion activities designed and managed by the hosts. with Airbnb Experience Setup Guide. Airbnb guests get a chance to have virtual access to places and communities in a particular locality. An Airbnb experience might be either a tour guide or an activity guide. For example, a walking tour to a museum in your city or arranging a guide for making some of the best local foods.

Airbnb Experience Setup Guide : How to set it up?

Airbnb Experiences come with no upfront or startup costs! All that is required of you is your interest, awareness and creative skills. Simply create your Airbnb experience and earn money every time you get a booking.

Your basic task is that you have to use your creativity and passion to give a virtual experience of your city to the Airbnb guests. Some wonderful examples of an Airbnb Experience Setup Guide could be:

  • A walking tour of some famous places of the city
  • A tour of the famous late-night adventuring spots
  • Must-to-taste foods
  • Beautiful farms in the area
  • Amazing local recipes
  • Guide to famous hiking spots

Why should I consider hosting experience with Airbnb?

  1. You can earn a lot of extra money.
  2. With Airbnb hosting experience, you get an amazing opportunity to meet and interact with a lot of new people from different places around the world.
  3. You get to share your creativity with the world. Let your inner artist do magic.

Airbnb Experience Setup Guide: Overview of the process

1. Educate yourself about Airbnb Expectations:

Before you create your Airbnb experience you should have an idea about the requirements of Airbnb. It can help you save you a lot of your time and effort. Generally, Airbnb requires knowledgeable and passionate people to host experiences. The guests should be given access to a special place or community in your locality. Moreover, an Airbnb experience should be unique.

And there are things which you should never do while creating an Airbnb experience.

  • You should not create big and impersonal tours for your audience.
  • Airbnb welcomes clarity, events with ambiguous hosts are never welcomed.
  • Moreover, Airbnb Experiences must not include the promotion of service (e.g airline service)

2. Create your unique experience:

Select the best places, foods, etc in your locality and create your unique experience by adding exciting photos, captions, and other details to be checked by Airbnb.

3. Submit for review:

After you have successfully submitted your experience, Airbnb will review it. If it meets their quality guidelines, you shall proceed further to begin your journey as a host!

How to submit an Experience to Airbnb?

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Submit your Airbnb experiences on the Airbnb website. After that, Airbnb responds whether it meets the quality standards of Airbnb or not.

We hope this  Airbnb experience setup guide will help in expanding your Airbnb hosting business and get a Five -Star Rating.

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