Airbnb Emergency Kit

Airbnb Emergency Kit

Need help with Building that Airbnb Emergency Kit?

Well, we’re here to solve this problem for you. Adding an Airbnb Emergency Kit to your property is a great way of showing how concerned you’re about your guest’s safety.

Airbnb Emergency Kit

The fact is that the Airbnb Emergency Kit doesn’t only provide proper protection to the guests but it also makes you feel comfortable throughout the way. Mentioning Airbnb Emergency Kit in your Airbnb Description might not help with boosting your ranking. But the positive reviews from guests can definitely do the magic for you.

The guests pay attention to every little aspect they experience at your Airbnb. So, you can make a world of difference by addressing those minor things in your Airbnb.

The comfort is essential, but it is necessary to keep your unit safe as well. The preliminary way to do so is to equip your Airbnb home with a first-aid kit.


The Importance of Airbnb Emergency Kit

Airbnb Emergency Kit

The emergencies won’t ask for an invitation. And they can become a headache for you if you didn’t prepare for them. Having an Airbnb Emergency Kit is not just about covering the legal aspects but it can also protect your reputation on Airbnb.

If the guest shared this experience while posting a review, you’d definitely face some problems attracting more guests in the future. And it will gradually affect your reputation on Airbnb.

Tips for Building an Airbnb Emergency Kit

An Airbnb Emergency Kit should contain all the important elements that can provide protection to the guests in a certain situation. Let’s take a look at the tips you can use to build an Airbnb Emergency Kit.

Easily Accessible

The emergency kit should be placed in an easily accessible position. In fact, you should mention its location in the guidelines you’ve prepared for the guests who come to stay at your Airbnb. Thus, the guests would get a chance of using it without having to wait for your arrival.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Contact Numbers are the most important part of the Airbnb Emergency Kit. The guests are unfamiliar with your area and they don’t know whom they should contact in a certain situation. Therefore, you should create a list of emergency numbers they can use to call someone for help.

We recommend adding the number of Ambulance, Fire Brigade, and Security services. Also, don’t forget to add an additional number they can use to contact you if your number phone is out of reach.


Usually, we keep the prescription and non-prescription medicines in our home emergency kits. But when it comes to building an Airbnb Emergency Kit,  you should only focus on the non-prescription medicines. You should consider adding medicines that can treat sore throat, Cough, Fever, Nasal Congestion, Mild Pain, and Common Allergies.

It means you should add an anti-diarrhea medication, pain relievers, laxatives or antacids to your Airbnb Emergency Kit. You can also ask the guests about their health problems when they book your Airbnb. Thus, you’d be better prepared for an emergency situation.

Add Bandage

Your Airbnb Emergency Kit is incomplete if it doesn’t contain a bandage in it. The medicines can only treat issues like headache, sore throat, and Mild pain. But they won’t help with treating cuts and bruises. In this situation, the bandage can help you out. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget adding it to your Emergency Kit.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher is also an important part of the emergency kit. No matter whether you have installed fire alarms in your home or not, you should consider adding a fire extinguisher to your emergency kit. Thus, guests can stay safe from major problems.

Ready-made Emergency Kits

The ready-made emergency kits can provide you with an extreme level of comfort. These emergency kits are usually equipped with items that can help you in different situations. So, you won’t have to make a lot of effort to prepare an Emergency Kit for your Airbnb. Here is a lot of other blogs that you may need to know.