Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List

Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List

Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List

Cleaning your Aibrnbis a duty that you must follow with your full dedication. This is why  Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List has been created to help you out with the maintenance of your property.

Supplies for cleaning

The Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List covers up all the necessary cleaning products that are essential for removing any stain or dirt that gets emitted by the guest during a stay.

As an Airbnb host, you want to avoid the stress and hassle of having guests complain about the cleanliness of your accommodation and potentially asking for a refund


Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List: The List

Here is the list that we have created for you

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner

A good Foam spray like CLR helps remove stain like calcium, discoloration, and scales from different applicants, of the bathtub, toilets, sinks, tiles, glass and many more.

Mr. Clean Duet Natural Latex Non-Slip Grip Gloves

The Gloves are an essential part for anyone regarding cleaning as a whole. The Latex gloves come in a pair of yellow and purple. Yellow to be used only in the bathroom and purple for general cleaning purposes.

A Microfibre Duster

A microfibre duster works better than any normal duster.  With microfibres, you can carry out more dust than any other featured duster.

Household Cleaner

Don’t buy a bleach when u have a household cleaner. It is perfect for any Airbnb. As it can clean every bit of material like porcelain, stovetops, ceramic, fiberglass, brass and aluminum.

Vinegar as an environment-Friendly Cleaner

Vinegar is usually of two types, one with 5% acidic acid and the other 10 % acidic acid. Its the 10% one which is used for cleaning purposes. These help you to clean dishwashers, Rinsing Keurig machines and many more.

Mix distilled vinegar with warm water in a spray bottle, and it will work wonders as a cleaning agent on your Airbnb.

A SPin Mop All in One

A must-have for any House or rentals., these 360-degree mops are the best microfibre mops every created to clean every part of a room. The easy lock and roll system allows these mop to change its height and go under any structure with ease. Also, the bucket helps in fast cleanings of the microfibre as it spins with the help of a foot pedal that is connected to the bucket which has water filled in it.

A Versatile Stain Remover

A multi-use stain removing the product is the best stuff that you can add to your Airbnb CLeaning supplies list. Not only can it be used to scrub shower tiles, but also dissolve messed from your living room carpet, but also stains formed on your mattress or laundry.

A toilet Brush 

Yep, nobody likes cleaning this region of the bathroom, but work must be done to achieve full-on hygiene. And what more can be as useful as a toilet brush, just get one for your home and clean that toilet up till it sparkles brightly?

Airbnb Cleaning Supplies List

Toilet Cleaner

A Toilet Brush is useless without a TOilet cleaner, and what’s better than choosing Harpic or Lysol as the disinfectant for your Toilet Bowl, Sparyt he composition, keep it for half an hour, brushes it up and then flush it see a clean and hygienic toilet.

 Liquid DIshwashing Agent

A dishwasher requires its dishwashing agent, and if you do not own a dishwasher then you definitely need a dishwashing agent to wipe those dishes with your hands. There is a lot int he market, choose the ones which have the lemon concentration in ti. As the acid works perfectly to clean your dishes and keep it clean.


So with this, your Airbnb Cleaning Supplies list gets finished, Be sure to get everything up in the list and keep your Airbnb all neat and tidy for your guest. As they say, a clean house is where god settles in. And a clean house is where more guests love to visit again and again. But remember its only the Airbnb CLeaning Supplies list which can create a difference, you are also required to add the effort of using these products in order to keep your house clean.

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