Airbnb Automatic Reply

Airbnb Automatic Reply

Looking to find the Airbnb Automatic Reply feature? Well, don’t forget to inform us as soon as you find it.

We are not kidding. It’s true that Airbnb doesn’t have any such features. And the hosts are supposed to respond to all the questions manually. Well, don’t be disappointed. If Airbnb doesn’t have this feature, we’ll help you with creating this feature.

What Airbnb hosts usually do is that they create a set of frequently asked questions. And then, they add the replies to the “Notes”. It definitely saves them a lot of time as they can send an instant reply to the guests. But it doesn’t fulfill the need of Airbnb Automatic Reply.

Airbnb Automatic Reply

Some people consider it to be another headache as they are tired of copying and pasting the replies. In this situation, some Airbnb hosts go one step ahead. And they program their Gmail account to send the instant replies to the guests.

It’s definitely a useful feature but it’s not suitable for everyone. You’d have to create a unique Gmail account to activate this feature. And you should also know how to program a Gmail account. Only then, you can use this account to send Airbnb Automatic Reply to the guests.

Therefore, we do not recommend this method to everyone. However, there are some simple yet useful methods the Airbnb hosts can use to send Airbnb Automatic Reply. So, let’s take a look at these methods.

Airbnb Saved Messages

Are you fed up of re-hashing the same old Airbnb messages for every new booking?

Me too. It’s pretty lame.

Rown Clilfford, AirbnbSmart

messageAirbnb Saved Messages are the lifesaver for Airbnb hosts who are tired of responding to the same messages time and again. With this feature, you can save as many messages as you want. And if you’re willing to use these messages, you can simply click on the “Saved Messages” button and then click on the message that is relevant to the question the guest has recently asked.

It takes only a few seconds to send the reply to the guest and you won’t even have to copy and paste the message. Therefore, it’s a better option than keeping the messages stored in the “Notes”.


Smartbnb is the perfect solution for Airbnb hosts who want to automate the Airbnb bookings to an extent. This app doesn’t only send Airbnb Automatic Reply to the guests but it can do a lot more for you. In this app, you’d find several customizable messages that are categorized wisely.

You can simply click on a category and then select a message the guest will receive as they send you a specific message. The beauty of this app is that it makes you feel free from being available all the time. This app is perfect for sending Airbnb Automatic Reply to the guest.

Another amazing feature of this app is that it sends reminders to the cleaners when the apartment needs to be cleaned. Moreover, it submits reviews on your behalf when you don’t have enough time to submit the review.


It is another amazing option for hosts who want to Automate their Airbnb. This app is designed to send instant replies to the guests when the host isn’t around.


This app regularly interacts with the guests and it answers their questions if they need any clarification before making a booking.

This app also sends you reminders if you didn’t submit a review for a specific booking. Moreover, it lets your guests know when you’ve submitted a review. It can do a lot more for you.

These apps are really powerful as they can help with sending Automatic Airbnb Reply to the guest. However, you need to mention under every message that “it’s an automated reply”. Thus, the guests won’t get annoyed and you’d also get better chances of achieving the super host status.

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