Airbnb Automatic Confirmation

Airbnb Automatic Confirmation

Airbnb Automatic Confirmation: All about the ease of Confirmation

Several instances may occur in everyday life where one has to face the ordeal of instant departure. It can be an unplanned gathering, a sudden business call, or a mood swing for adventurous ones who enjoy spontaneous travel. Airbnb Automatic Confirmation is how the company manages smooth transitions of its clients and users. 

Airbnb Automatic Confirmation

Airbnb uses the native communication tools of Airbnb, so your guests will receive the message as a text message, mobile app notification or emailAirbnb does not provide you with the guests email address, so you have to collect it yourself. gives each guest a temporary email.


Airbnb Automatic Confirmation in ease

Once a flight is booked, the next problem is finding accommodation in such short notice. It seems laughable to claim that a quality staying experience can be achieved in small time frames. However, Airbnb has you all covered- through Airbnb Automatic Confirmation instant booking.

When your host is a ghost

Airbnb Automatic Confirmation
Airbnb App

Instant Book is a feature that can be utilized by hosts to never miss a customer. If the host does not have access to any network at a given moment, is busy or asleep, the guests themselves are made capable to choose their travel dates and book a listing online, instantly. They may discuss check-in plans with the host the moment he/she becomes available.

  Host approval before booking is not a necessity in this situation if the Instant book has been turned on for a particular property listing. However, only those guests who meet a host’s set requirements will be able to automatically book the listing in question, so there’s absolutely nothing to fret over. Furthermore, listings appear as Instant book locations only on the dates the host has himself made available for booking so that both parties are available on the check-in date and time.

With the tap of a finger

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Instant book is feasible due to its convenience as guests may be booked on the go, without the added effort of having to cater to every potential customer. Spontaneous guests often use filters during their searches to find a listing that can be booked instantly.

Instant book is high up on the popularity charts as well- guests find it easier to book themselves a house or apartment rather than request one. Moreover, there is no additional fee for using Instant Book while confirming a reservation.

No pain, just gain

The instant book has added quirks as well. It attracts more guests by improving a listing’s placement in the search bar results, by increasing the response rate for your listing. Maintaining a 90% response rate is a piece of cake when Instant book has been turned on, with the reward of earning a Superhost status. Isn’t that neat? That why Airbnb Automatic Confirmation is so awesome. 

Don’t get too careless, though

Instant book is quite handy for a host, given that he/she has a little past experience in Airbnb’s booking system as a host. For a new listing, it is advisable to learn and master the basics and understanding of how to screen guests. Notably, a booking cancellation by the host costs him/her a penalty of $100, as it causes inconvenience to the guests by wasting their time.

Instant book is a remarkable opportunity that may popularize your property listing effortlessly. It is highly advisable for an experienced host for an added feat in the real estate rental business.

 That is all about Airbnb Automatic Confirmation. Did you learn something new and exciting? Let us know. Smooth Transactions and easy booking are what Airbnb is all about and it wants to offer to its clients.

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