Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review

Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review

The Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review often causes a lot of trouble for the hosts. The problem with this review is that the guests cannot remove them from their profile at any cost. The Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review usually appears on your profile when you cancel a trip a day before check-in.

If the host cancels a stay before the day of check-in, you won’t have the option to leave a review. Instead, an automatic review will be added to their listing’s profile to indicate that they canceled the reservation. These reviews are one of the penalties for host cancellations and can’t be removed.


In these situations, the guests don’t have the right to post a review about you. But an automatic review will appear on your profile mentioning that the host canceled the booking a day before check-in. It means you’d have to face some serious consequences even if a single Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review appeared on your profile.

The purpose of writing this article is to provide you with the perfect solution for Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review. So, let’s get started.

Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review

Avoid Cancelling the Trip

The most important thing you can do to avoid the Automatic Review is to avoid canceling the trip a day before check-in. If there is a serious problem for canceling, you can contact the Support team to manage the issue on your behalf.

The Airbnb Support Team will analyze the situation and they will then decide if you have a reasonable excuse for canceling the booking. The benefit of using this method to cancel the trip is that the automatic review won’t appear on your profile. And it won’t affect your future bookings as well.

Talk to the Guest

Another thing you can do to avoid Airbnb Automatic Cancellation review is to talk to the guests. You can convince the guests to cancel the booking by telling them the problem you’re facing. The guests have several other options they can use for their stay. So, they might agree upon canceling the booking if they realized that you’re facing a serious problem.

Insurance for guest

You just need to approve their request to refund the amount once they’ve canceled the booking.

Post a response under the Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review

Although you’re not allowed to remove the Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review from your profile, you can still post a response under this review describing the reason why you had to cancel the booking. This will help you with convincing the future guests who are confused about booking your property because of that one review.

Advice for Instant Book Hosts

swift CheckoutThe instant book hosts can cancel the booking without having to worry about the Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review. It’s because the Instant book hosts are allowed to cancel the booking if they aren’t satisfied with a specific host.

There are certain reasons you can choose to cancel a particular booking. For instance, they can cancel the book if they’ve found unfavorable reviews on a guest’s profile. Similarly, you’re allowed to cancel the booking if the guest hasn’t all your questions appropriately. Sometimes, the guests clearly mention in the replies that they will break the host’s rules such as smoking or bringing a pet.

In these situations, you are allowed to cancel the booking. The best part is that you won’t get a penalty for canceling the booking when you’re an instant book host.

So, with the necessary information that you availed from the above, we hope you have understood about Airbnb Automatic Cancellation Review, to read more about such Airbnb Stuff, just try Airbnb Automatic Check-in.

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