Airbnb Amenities Explained

airbnb amenities explained

What is the best secret to sweep your Airbnb guests off their feet? Well, everything starts with the Airbnb amenities you offer.

Learn about these amenities and give your guests the best stay possible.

That is why we have Airbnb Amenities Explained well for you so that you take in the ease of understanding the need of the Amenities.

Airbnb Amenities Explained: How to be at the Top

airbnb amenities explained

First, you must supply basic amenities, also known as Airbnb Essentials.

They are basic items that every guest expects during their stay such as soap, toilet paper, and so on. Second, it’s wise to include extra amenities such as WiFi, hair dryer, iron, first aid kit, and such.

Last, luxury items such as free breakfast, washer and dryer, air conditioning, and the like.The benefits for providing lots of amenities in your Airbnb are many, which I will explain . Not only will you get an increase in bookings, but your search rankings will get a boost.

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Basic Essential Airbnb Amenities Explained

You should always begin with the essentials when stocking your Airbnb. These things your guests expect to see throughout their stay:

  • Body and hand soaps
  • Toilet paper
  • 1 pillow for each guest
  • 1 towel for each guest
  • Linens per guest bed

These are essentials you have to provide at the very least as outlined in the Airbnb guidelines.

The platform encourages hosts to provide the above amenities as failure to do so can lead to a drop in search rankings.

Additional Airbnb Amenities Explained

Airbnb Amenities Essentials
Airbnb Amenities Essentials

The extra Airbnb amenities are what you need to offer to impress your guests.

After you have sorted out the essentials, this is the next important step.

You need to provide a hairdryer, iron, coat hangers, and shampoo. T

hese basic items will ensure comfort for your guests.

While these items are not listed as essential amenities, they are still important. However, these might not be enough to create that “wow” factor.

You have to go above and beyond so that you can create a good and lasting impression.

For example, you can offer guests a small welcome gift upon their arrival.

It doesn’t need to be something major. It could be something simple like a bottle of water or chocolates.

This simple gesture is enough to secure a good review.

These days, it is also important to include free WiFi as one of your offers. You also need to look into safety.

You can provide a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, and first aid kit. Most guest check for such things as these is crucial Airbnb amenities.

You also need to cater to families, particularly infants and toddlers. Impress your guests with board games, toys, or video games.

Mom and dad will thank you if you have something to keep their little ones occupied.

You might also want to offer a 24-hour check-in. Although this is not really an amenity per se, this can have a big role in overall guest satisfaction.

Luxury Airbnb Amenities Explained

Airbnb Amenities Essentials

Finally, you can turbo-charge your Airbnb listing by providing luxury amenities if your budget permits.

These luxury amenities will not only wow guests as they can also entice more guests to choose your place.

Things such as washer and dryer, air conditioning, TV with Netflix, free parking, and swimming pool are perfect examples of these luxury amenities.

Every property is obviously different, and what you can offer might be limited. But you can still try to do your best.

Most hosts won’t have a problem with offering a TV with Netflix for free.

Many properties also have space for a dryer, washer, and air conditioning.

It is also a good idea to provide a laptop-friendly space. High-quality linens and towels will also impress guests as well as well-designed furniture.

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