Adwords for Airbnb

Adwords for Airbnb

Google AdWords for Airbnb

Google AdWords is an online advertising service provided by Google. It allows people to advertise their services, products or business on Google by paying for the ads. The best advantage of using Google AdWords is that it allows digital merchants access to their targeted clients in a very easy way.

Airbnb has gained access to millions of guests across the globe by using AdWords. The success of Airbnb is due to its customer-centric approach to AdWords. Which is why Adwords for Airbnb is an interesting topic to go forward with. 


Adwords for Airbnb

Airbnb recently decided to pass their advertising cost from Google AdWords to its users who choose to and did benefit from the ads. They increase the host fee by 12-15% for reservations made as a result of people clicking through the ads. The host fee for reservations made otherwise will not change. Hosts can choose to opt out of this service by simply ticking off a box, so the difference in their value for the Google Ads will actually create a small market inside of the Airbnb site, and their choice of whether or not to pay for the Google Ads will determine

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Google Adwords allows Airbnb flexible rates to reach millions of profitable customers. It also helps Airbnb in meeting its goals as an air hosting website.

  • Access both guests and hosts by using Google AdWords
  • Get connected to many customers by bidding to a customer’s estimated lifetime value
  • Promote the company’s presence in thousands of cities across the globe

To achieve these goals, Airbnb took help from Google AdWords by using flexible rates to access the guests.

Google AdWords for Airbnb Hosts:


  • If you hadn’t heard about Google AdWords, well you have heard now. You can also use this service to promote your Airbnb listings and approach your targeted guests. This will also help you in accessing geo-targeted guests for your Airbnb business.
  • Moreover, you can use the various tools of Google AdWords to make your listings optimized.
  • Even if you don’t plan to advertise your business using AdWords, there are other advantages that can be obtained from it.

Adwords for Airbnb : Keywords Planner


Keywords planner is an advanced free tool by Google AdWords. which can be implemented in Adwords for Airbnb  It allows you to find the right keywords to promote your Airbnb listing. Keywords are the words that online users use frequently when searching for something on the internet. By using the keywords, you can optimize the content of your listing.

First, you have to find the keywords by providing a URL or domain name and a list of relevant words and terms about the content. the search will show many terms with statistics. The statistics will give you an estimate of the payment you will have to pay to use that word in the ad.

But if you are just looking for keywords to use in your Airbnb listing, then ignore this part. You will also get data about the number of clicks and the competition level.

The number of clicks tells you how frequently that word or term is searched by users in a particular domain. The competition level will tell you that by using the keyword you will be getting low or high competition.

To choose the right keywords for your Airbnb listing, choose the ones with low competition and more clicks.

Use the keywords in the description, title, and URL of your listing. This will improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your listing. As a result, you will gain access to thousands of guests in your targeted market.

Final Word- Google Adwords For Airbnb

Google AdWords for Airbnb is an amazing tool for the Airbnb industry that allows it to access both hosts and guests. At the same time, Airbnb hosts can use the free tools by Google AdWords to improve their visibility and promote their listing.

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